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    Dolphin Smart Community Builder permette che sviluppiate qualunque genere di Comunità desiderate. È il software che universale attendibilmente esaminato della Comunità di fotoricettore scritto in PHP ed il delfino di MySQL. ha le seguenti caratteristiche moderne: campi customizable di profilo, scrutinio, sistema della filiale, livelli di insieme dei membri, pagina di indice del drag&drop, supporto del sistema del fornitore di multi-pagamento, bollettino totale, mascherine dell'utente, blog, la capacità di fascicolare il menu del membro, pacchetto di sorriso, Orca - scritto interattivo della tribuna (tribuna) e raggio - suite di Widget della Comunità (chiacchierata, messaggero istante, presenza di fotoricettore, applicazione desktop) integrato. Il delfino è la scelta astuta per il luogo della Comunità e rientra nell'autorizzazione del grande pubblico (GPL).


    Dolphin 6 is like a whole new world. Over 90% of code re-written. DB tables count doubled. Features set tripled. It's optimized, improved, accelerated, pumped up and set to win your heart.
    • YouTube, Odeo and Flickr clones mixed in one system
    • Innovative Builders for advanced site customization
    • Numerious new site-building and tweaking tools
    • Full native support of all Ray Widgets
    • Groups, Classifieds and renewed Events
    • Tags all around the site
    • Secure passwords and UTF-8 encoding
    • All-new design, layout and site structure
    • Unique Menu Builder for customizing site navigation
    • All-new customizable admin panel with tons of new tools
    • Optimized code, improved performance, caches everywhere
    • Customizable Flash promo and custom HTML blocks
    • RSS feeds, new Blogs, better Friends, blah, blah, blah...
    General Features

    • Blog (photo upload, user can create different categories, permissions, comments)
    • The ability to sort member menu and groups on member menu
    • The ability to approve "x" number of profiles simultaneously
    • Cash profile info
    • General folder for all pics
    • Smiles Pack
    • French, German, Russian, Dutch, Spanish Languages
    • Default integration of Ray Web Multimedia Software free version
    • Optional integration of phpBB, vBulletin
    • Optional integration of Barracuda Traffic Development Software
    • Speed Dating Module
    • Registration Security Images
    • Email member profile
    • On-fly photos auto scaling
    • Profile of the week and profile of the month
    • "Links", "FAQ", "About us", "Contact us", "Privacy", "Terms of use", "Services" pages
    • Affiliate system with commissions tracking routine and security tools
    • Quick search
    • Advanced search
    • Sorting and search narrowing
    • USA states and ZIP codes search options
    • Matchmaking (auto search based on user-specified criteria)
    • Cupid mail (matchmaking results auto-sending)
    • Search for online members, searching members, communicating (in IM) members
    • Advanced Credit System which can be used for buying variety of services: membership, contact information, access to chat or IM, etc. for registered users only, visitors are offered to register or log-in before buying credits
    • Integrated with PayPal by default
    • Supports recurring billing from PayPal
    • Integrated with new 2checkout
    • Can be integrated with any other payment processing company (PaySystems, Authorize.Net, iBill, 2checkout, etc.)
    • 100% automated billing system. Script automatically sends purchased information after payment is processed and performs multi-level anti-fraud checks
    • Several payment providers could work simultaneously
    User Part Features

    • Customizable profile view
    • Browse profiles with narrowing ability
    • Country flags on-fly selection
    • E-mail confirmation routine
    • Checking e-mails to be unique
    • Members registration form - 2 steps by default
    • Smart shopping cart with history
    • Invite / tell a friend
    • New members (auto-displaying of photos of latest registered users on the main page)
    • "Online/Offline" user status
    • Merchant account integration
    • Personal Media Gallery (audio, video and pictures albums and categories)
    • Personal Blog
    • Friends List
    • Guestbook
    • Friends Only and Registered Only permissions to GuestBook comments
    • ShoutBox
    • 'Chicks' For Free
    • Gmail Like Mailbox Conversations Archive
    • Speed dating events subscription
    • "Random Quotes" system
    • One-click lists with online users
    • Top-rated profiles lookup
    • Zodiac signs lookup in profiles and search results
    • Newsletter
    • "Last logged-in" information
    • Essay (extended "About me" section)
    • Profile ratings
    • Number of profile views with ability to list the members who viewed the profile
    • Automatic member gender prompt for profiles search
    • Dating polls
    • Automatic photos upload system
    • Search results can be presented in the form of a photo gallery
    • Optional displaying of additional photos only to gold or purchased members
    • Photos rating (similar to
    • Password-protected members' photos
    • Personal Weblog commenting
    • Double-blind virtual kisses
    • Double-blind messaging
    • Messenger with storing system
    • Advanced control panel for members (profile status and all-contacts information)
    • Media (video and audio support for profiles)
    • Configurable Flash-based online live-chat system
    • HotList (buddies, favorites)
    • Block members (members can block all correspondence from certain members)
    • Support of A/V Instant Messenger and A/V Chat by Ray Web Multimedia Software
    • Ability to choose event, order ticket and provide matches ids
    Administration Panel Features

    • User-friendly, convenient online administration system
    • Index page Drag&Drop structure building
    • Moderators Accounts to approve and edit profiles
    • News module with admin tab
    • Automatic success stories posting with "latest story" feature
    • Graduated pricing, credits system, customizable memberships
    • Advanced Banner System and Adsense Integration
    • Easy to follow calendar
    • Members Pictures Customized Water Mark
    • Individual member promotion and membership assignment
    • Five types of user account status
    • Search by ID, e-mail and nickname
    • Confirmed User email notification for admin
    • "Variables" section to manage sitewide functions
    • User-friendly profile fields modification system
    • Site's styles file modification
    • Integrated language file modification capabilities
    • Automatic update availability alerts
    • Admin interface to create moderators
    • Updated admin finance calculator
    • Multiple languages support
    • Featured profiles generating
    • Optional profiles auto-approve
    • Installation wizard for fast and easy scripts installation
    • Easy texts, code, graphics modification
    • Free trial membership (admin ability to set up the period length and conditions)
    • Automatic database cleaning (administrator can specify allowed inactivity period)
    • Displaying the number of registered members from defined countries who are online/present
    • Links exchange campaign
    • E-mail notifications/newsletter system
    • "Articles" system for more text content
    • Admin ability to set Cupid mail options
    • Plugin configuration features
    • Banners rotation system management
    • Ability to bring random profiles, online profiles, last profiles, and top rated profiles to home page
    • ability to set minimal number of characters for "About me" and "About you" fields
    • ability to set required size of "Password" field
    • Customizable number of photos a member can upload
    • ability to choose currency image used for transactions
    • Admin ability to set up events, place, time and events' manager contact info
    • Admin ability to set up events' pricing based on gender
    • Admin ability to show events' place picture
    • Admin ability to set matches number
    • Printer-friendly users' list, matching users
    • Automatic billing and transactions generation
    • Credits pricing modification system in admin panel
    • Ability to create any membership type
    • Ability to define membership access level
    • Ability to define customized membership requirements
    • Admin ability to give permissions to all users to contact each other for free
    • Admin ability to give gender type users gold membership during sign up

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    :hammer: è tutto chiaro, ma.............. nn puoi dare degli input più precisi se esistono tutorial o versioni in italiano di un Cms cosi interessante quale Dolphin , quale è, per poterci avvicinare molto di più? - Sono 2 mesi che ci sto dietro, quello che ho capito è molto intuitivo ma difficile per uno che nn mastica molto inglese tecnico. grazie
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    Riferimento: Dolphin Smart Community Builder 6.0 - Crea Comunità Amicizie Online

    Ciao Zanem e benvenuto :smile:

    Appena il tempo me lo consentirà... vedrò di accontentare la tua richiesta tramite qualche Guida e/o approfondimento :)


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